My Monthly Plans – November

So I’m going to try and refrain from showing my excitement by using cap locks… This month I am going to Disneyland Paris, aka my happy place, with my family!! I’m such a huge kid at heart that this is at present more exciting to me than Christmas, and that’s saying something! So, what other plans do I have this month? Well they all kind of pale in comparison but it wouldn’t be much of a blog post if all I said was Disney, Disney, Disney… 


Disneyland is my happy place!

On Saturday Ed and I are taking the kids to a fireworks display at Ed’s friend’s mum’s house (you with me?). It should be fun and, as Carly’s been away with her dad for a week, it will be nice to spend some time as a family 

Disneyland Paris 

Ok, kind of already mentioned this a teeny tiny bit, but it’s so exciting I can’t shut up about it. We leave on Friday 13th and are flying (luckily I’m not superstitious) into Paris before spending 1 full day and 2 half days in the parks, and living it up in the hotel and Disney village. It’s the first time I’ve gone with my brother and sister as well as my mum and the kids so I’m really looking forward to the break and spending some quality family time together. I also plan on getting some extra pressies for Christmas whilst we are there. The park will be all Christmassy, total bonus! 

Carly’s 3rd birthday 

Carly turns 3 the day after we get back from Disney. Her dad’s taking the day off work and is going to take her on a fun day out before I do a birthday tea for her in the early evening. I feel like I’ve been saying she’s nearly 3 for ages. She’s such a little madam already, god help us when she’s a teenager! 

MKG Christmas celebration 

Ed’s gym Christmas celebration will be the last weekend in November. Although I’m no longer going to the class, it will still be nice to get in the festive mood! 

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