My Post Children Body 

Let me start by saying that I know I’m not by any means ‘big’ in size. I’m a healthy size 8-10 (more towards the 10 than the 8 these days, damn chocolate). I also understand that generally I don’t have a lot to complain about body wise, although I am very insecure about my tiny boobs. 

However, when I look in the mirror I am not happy with what I see, and I think the thing I find most challenging is that other people don’t see what I’m unhappy about and so I often get told to stop being silly. This is not helpful. Fair enough, clothes can pretty much disguise the area I’m most self conscious about, but it doesn’t stop me knowing what I look like when I get undressed, and it doesn’t stop me feeling insecure when I’m in bed with Ed. 

I had Cameron when I was 21, and my body was changed forever from this point. I don’t have a huge amount of stretch marks, but I have enough to make me feel conscious of them. I also don’t have a huge tummy, but its big enough that I feel unhappy about it. The muscles in my stomach never really went back to normal after Cameron was born, and having Carly just a couple of years later has meant my stomach looks a bit odd to say the least. Even when I work my hardest at the gym and I limit the amount of chocolate and Wine I consume, the tummy area still refuses to go back to pre-baby. 

Before people say I should be grateful for having been able to have two children, of course I am, and I know that I should look at my post birth body with gratitude, but at the end of the day, I’m still only 26 years old and I want to feel sexy and desirable. It frustrates me that often women see post children bodies in the media of celebrities who have personal trainers, possibly even surgery to look amazing. That just isn’t feasible for everyday mums. I thought I would share my own post children body to show how I look three years on and to say to fellow mums who maybe don’t snap back into shape as fast as the celebs, that I feel your struggle (please excuse the mess, this was taken in Ed’s flat before work this morning!) 


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