Why I’m Going Alcohol Free for 30 days

I’ve tried and I’ve failed in the past to stop drinking for any period of time. I know how that makes me sound and I’m ashamed that I seem to have become so reliant on a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day or a cocktail or three as another week draws to a close. 

I eat really quite healthily throughout the day and even in the evenings my meals are pretty good with mainly veg and lean meat. Give me a midweek glass of wine though and I’ll be eating chocolate and crisps in bed before you can say junk food.

It’s not just a weight issue either. I don’t have a problem or anything but I still don’t feel comfortable with the amount I rely on alcohol to get me through stressful times.

I need to do this for myself to help be a healthier, clearer headed, fresher version of myself. Wish me luck. With some verrrrrrry stressful times coming up at work I’m going to need it! 


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