What’s In My Bag? 

I have a bit of a reputation at work for being the person who has anything anyone might need on any one day. Although I’m fairly organised, and need to be for my job, I haven’t always been this prepared. I think it came about from having the children. Having two young kids requires a little more than the usual mints and lipgloss… 

My ‘tardis’ handbag, which has totally seen better days (a new one is going on the Christmas list as we speak)

I need to clear this out really as it’s currently stuffed full of receipts and vouchers


I am a self confessed slave to makeup and can’t go anywhere without at least a few bits. I have also started carrying primer around with me to remind me to put it on in the morning 


Because as a mother of two who works full time and works out slightly less full time, occasionally I get a little sweaty 


Perfect handbag size, I love Next’s range of purse friendly scents 

Hair tie 

I was introduced to this brand recently and it’s a total game changer for anyone, like me, who has to wear their hair up for work but might want it back down in the evening 

Dry Shampoo

I’ve gone off using dry shampoos in the past but this mini version from Batiste is great for helping my hair look fresh after a long day 

Nail varnish & file 

For week and weekend touch ups 


For days when I’ve ignored my sensible inner voice and had that glass (or two) of wine midweek 


I don’t use this much but it’s apparently got lots of uses so I keep it on me ‘just in case’ 

Hair brush 

My tangle teezer is something I couldn’t be without. Not only is it brilliant for my hair, it is the only thing that stops Carly from crying when I brush her curls 


Not just for a baby’s bum. This is a must have for all tattoo addicts. Having had my last one fairly recently I keep this to hand to ensure it heals well and doesn’t turn scabby 

‘Cos you never know when you (or more often someone else) might need one 

Internet banking gadget 

I am a sucker for anything miniature and this little thing is brilliant for banking on the go 

Hair clip & band 

For Carly. As without fail she manages to look messy just before every social situation

Minion (or other toys) 

The children often pass toys to me to hold and they end up getting lost at the bottom of my bag until, often in a restaurant when I need to find a distraction, I remember them and peace is restored for five minutes 

Because you aren’t a true mother until you find random bits of nature in your bag

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