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I rarely get time to watch TV but I do love spending time cuddled up with Ed on the sofa so we try and slot in some shows a couple of times a week. These are the things I’m watching… 

1. American Horror Story – Hotel 

Just like with Game of Thrones I was late to  the proverbial party on this one. Ed has watched it from the start and loves it so we watched the preview first episode of this series on Sky last week and I did actually get into it. So much so that I want to now find the first few series’ and watch them back to back

2. Penny Dreadful 

Again, I hadn’t seen the first series when series two aired on Sky so Ed and I watched that one and are now catching up on the second series. I like how dark it is and the fact that I actually end up liking the darker characters more than the ‘nice’ ones 

3. Close to the Edge 

This is not everyone’s cup of tea and I might not still be watching it if it weren’t for the fact that I know one of the cast. Barbara ‘Babs’ Fowler is someone I was introduced to by a good friend a few years ago and she is such a lovely, vivacious woman that it’s hilarious to watch her on TV. It’s always quite fun to see your town on the telly as well. The show is a TOWIE-esque scripted reality show based around older people in the Bournemouth area. 

4. Don’t Tell the Bride 

Although I don’t watch this religiously, it’s something I can sit back with when I’m blogging or just chilling out after a long day. I think the new series is getting a bit too far fetched with the weddings, but that’s what makes it more watchable I guess. 

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