A Day in The Life Of… Me

I always love a good nose into other people’s day to day lives so thought I would entertain you with the sometimes stressful, always hectic day in the life of little old me. 


I’ll set two or three alarms in the morning, the first one will be to wake me up and I then have a little browse on Facebook, read my emails etc. The second one will be to actually get up. 


I’ll haul myself out of bed, somehow this is always hard for me, probably as I don’t get enough sleep. I’ll try and get myself ready first before the kids as it makes life a bit simpler. After I’m dressed I’ll get them both dressed and give them their breakfast – toast and butter and coco pops. I grab a couple of slices too before leaving the house 


I drop Cameron to school and Carly to nursery. Although it’s always a bit of a rush, I do like doing the school run whenever possible as it’s nice to see how much Cameron is enjoying school. 


On the days when I work a 10-6 shift I usually end up in town a little early and sometimes wonder into the shops for a little pre-work browse. It’s quite good if I need something in particular or have anything to return


I’ll get to work and pretty much stay in the one room office for most of the day. Our office doesn’t have any windows so I can have no idea what the weather is like from day to day. 


Lunch is usually at my desk. I mostly work through lunch and have become adept at typing whilst munching on my carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes 


I’ll leave the office and get straight on the phone to my mum to check how the kids are and if they’ve had a good day at school and nursery. I’m lucky that my mum is able to pick the kids up (Cameron goes to a childminder after school) as I don’t feel they are missing out too much with me working 


I’ll pick the kids up from my mum and head over to the gym to pick Ed up from his martial arts class he attends twice a week (he teaches his own classes on another two evenings) 


Carly’s bedtime. She is getting better at sleeping through the night but occasionally still kicks up a fuss about going to bed. I’ll read with her and give her a cuddle before she goes off 


I’ll have some dinner (the kids will have eaten with my mum). It’s usually something quick and simple like stir fried chicken with Mediterranean vegetables 

8pm approx 

Cameron will head up to bed. I like to make his bedtime slightly later, not just because he’s that little bit older but also as it gives Carly a chance to get off to sleep before he goes up 


Generally I’ll watch a film with Ed. My taste in films is notoriously bad but lately I’ve managed to choose a couple of good ones, most recently Before I Go to Sleep, which was really gripping. We both like psychological thrillers but I tend to also go for horrors whilst Ed is more of an action man

11pm approx 

Bedtime. I am really bad at not switching off at night. I’ll lie on my phone before going to sleep and have a look through Facebook, write a blog post or read other blogs. I need to start switching electronics off before bedtime and charge my phone somewhere else but habits are hard to break 

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