My Supermum 

My mum is my inspiration. She is not only an amazing mother, a cheerleader for all her children’s successes and there for us when things don’t quite go to plan (which collectively is quite a lot!), but she’s also a brilliant nan to my two children as well. 

Cameron and Carly adore my mum and love spending time over nanny’s house, which is a good thing when I have been working long hours lately. My mum helps out in the week by collecting the children from nursery and school, giving the children dinner and getting them to school a few days a week as well. She’s also there when Ed and I want a night out or some quality couple time. 

My mum is my rock. She was there for me when I discovered I was pregnant at 20, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish university she was there to remind me how far I’d already come, she was there with a shoulder to cry on when I finally admitted my marriage wasn’t working. She was happy for me when I got engaged to Ed and didn’t doubt me each time I went for a new job over the years. 

My mum and dad split when I was two and her and my stepdad divorced when I was a teenager so for awhile it’s just been my mum and my brothers at home. Through everything my mum has made sure she could provide for her kids, and this has given me the motivation to do the same. 

Being in a one parent family can be hard but my mum has been more of a friend over the past ten years, and a brilliant one at that. She is hilarious and her laughter is infectious. She doesn’t drink but she’s still the coolest, funniest person on a night out and at family parties. 

My mum has two jobs in special educational needs and she works hard to maintain a family home, currently with my brother and sister living with her. I know it’s a cliche but if I turn out to be half the mum she is to my children I will be proud of myself. I couldn’t be without her. She’s my supermum and I love her to bits. 

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