Keeping Active during Pregnancy 

When I found out I was pregnant, I was *trying* to go to the gym a few times a week as well as planning to train for a 10k run Ed had signed me and my sister up for in April. 

Before pregnancy I was working on slimming down

I would love to say I kept that level of fitness up but that would be a big fat lie. What I have done, however, is adapt my routine alongside the struggles of early pregnancy. 

The gym kind of feels like a bit of a let down for me now I can’t push myself my hardest. I tend to get dizzy on the treadmill and I worry about using some of the equipment so mostly I find myself watching my sister get slim whilst I get bigger (spoiler- this is not fun). 

I have kept up going to Piyo, admitably not every single week. This class is fantastic for making me feel I’ve done a proper workout, without pushing myself too hard. The teacher is aware I’m pregnant and I know not to do a move if it feels uncomfortable. Overall I haven’t needed to adapt the class much yet at all, and have been told I’m fine to carry on with it for as long as I want, which is excellent news. 

I didn’t manage to do the 10k run, as I had been feeling too sick during the time I should have been training. However, I opted to do the 5k instead and managed to do it in half an hour, which I was really proud of. 

After running the 5k Bournemouth Bay run (Ed had just finished the half marathon)

As I get bigger, I plan to go swimming and to start antenatal fitness classes, to not only keep active but to also meet other pregnant women as pregnancy and being at home with a newborn can be a lonely time. 

Keeping active during my pregnancy is doubly important to me. Not only will it hopefully help for an easier labour (something I’m crossing my fingers for as I’m planning a homebirth), but as I suffer from depression, regular exercise is proven to help. 

I’ve enjoyed keeping fit since a young age

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