Pregnancy Diary – 28 Weeks 

Today was the first of my growth scans, scheduled between 28 and 36 weeks to check the baby isn’t going to be small like Cameron apparently was (6’9- hardly tiny). Yes, I am a little bitter about this as I really don’t see why they are concerned when Cameron was hardly tiny, and Carly came in between at around 8 pounds…
Anyway, the next growth scan is booked in for the end of August.
Today’s scan was nice as we got to see baby salad moving around (and he was moving loads, the sonographer said he had never seen such an active baby). He’s on the 30th centile at the moment, and looking likely to be around 8 pounds at birth if he carries on the way he is.

I’ve been having some braxton hicks contractions over the past few days, most likely because I’ve been moving around and walking a lot more than usual, with being off work and spending time with the children. I’m planning on putting my feet up as much as possible to make sure the contractions don’t turn into the real thing too early on.
I have my 28 week midwife appointment tomorrow morning, where I’ll have some dreaded blood tests. I’m hoping she will reassure me that a home birth is still possible, even with the growth scans, as the consultant I saw today seemed to suggest otherwise.
My acid reflux seems to just keep getting worse, sometimes I get it in the middle of the day rather than just at bedtime when I lie down. Cravings wise, I have had some new ones, such as wanting a hard boiled egg crusty roll two days ago.. I also really wanted a curry yesterday so am having one tonight.

Baby’s kicks are really strong now, and we can see him moving around inside my belly. Apparently, according to the sonographer today, it was likely his knee we saw last night when something hard and sharp jabbed out by my belly button!

The children are very excited to meet their baby brother. They came along to the scan this morning and saw his little face on the screen. The next thing to look forward to is our 4D scan, which is booked in for a couple of weeks. By that point we will be down to single figures, which is really exciting.

I posted a video to YouTube of the bits and pieces we’ve got baby salad so far (watch it here), and will be posting some more videos of our preparations for him in the coming weeks, including packing his changing bag, preparing for our home for the birth, my baby shower, and getting our room ready for its new occupant. Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out! 

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