Monday Musings – Two Become Three 

I’m posting this a little later than usual, mainly because I’m half way through my week off work and have spent the day at Peppa Pig World with the kids and I’m knackered and having braxton hicks contractions whilst trying to relax with Friends on the sofa after a delicious pasta bake for dinner #sorrynotsorry

It’s been so lovely spending quality time with the children during my time off but it has had me thinking about our imminent new arrival and how a third child will affect the dynamics of our little family. 

When I had Cameron, my circumstances at the time made me sure I would not have the small age gap I had originally planned for my children. In the end, I met Carly’s dad and the result was a 2 year, 2 month age gap between Cameron and Carly (which was pretty much perfect). 

At the time I didn’t really anticipate any more children, and had things of worked out with my first marriage, I may have stopped at the two kids. 

Ed and I spoke about children fairly early on in our relationship and despite the fact that he would have been happy raising my kids with me, we knew that having a baby together was something we, as a couple, would like. 

Despite this, the positive pregnancy test did come as a bit of a shock (I had been celebrating a new job fairly heavily with the Prosecco on the night we found out I was again ‘with child’). Nonetheless, we have been happily awaiting the arrival of the now infamous ‘baby salad’ (Carly absolutely point blank refuses to allow any of us to call him by his actual name, I fear he will now always be known as salad). 
Just as first time parents don’t really know what to expect, and second time parents wonder how their first born will cope with baby number two, I’m a little apprehensive of the children and their reaction when the bump they’ve been speaking to and patting every so often is an actual 3D baby in my arms. A screaming, pooping actual child taking up mummy’s time and attention. 

There will be a 6 year age gap between Cameron and the baby, and almost a 4 year gap between him and Carly. In a way I think Cameron and Carly will bond more with each other once the baby comes, which is nice, they sometimes fight but generally are close knit and very protective over each other. 

What worries me is that the baby, when he grows a little and can understand, may feel left out of their closeness. The saying threes a crowd is always at the forefront of my mind (especially because we don’t plan on having any more children after this one). 

What could happen is the boys could end up being closer when they get a little older, leaving Carly out. I really don’t know what will happen. 

What I do know is that the children are hugely excited to meet their baby brother, and they will surely be even more excited after tomorrow morning when they get to see him on the screen for the first time at our 28 week growth scan. 
Do you have three children? Any advice for a soon to be mum of three? If you were a child of three, did you ever feel one child was left out growing up? 

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