Monday Musings – Getting my Pre-Baby Body Back Post-Baby

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me looking back and sharing old photos of myself looking, shall we say, slightly slimmer than I am currently. 

Obviously I was never going to be stick thin at nearly 8 months pregnant but with the end of my pregnancy in sight, and this most likely being my last baby, I am really starting to look forward to getting my figure back and looking more like me again. 

I tend to put weight on my face as well as my body during pregnancy and just look less ‘me’

My legs have always been my best feature

I have nothing against women who don’t feel the need to ‘snap back’ into shape after having a baby. Of course women shouldn’t feel pressured to do this. 

However, personally, it always helps me feel better about myself to get back in shape as soon as possible, and with our wedding coming up next September, I have lots of motivation to shed the baby weight (I cannot wait to go wedding dress shopping for a start!). 

I’ve posted before on how I previously lost my baby weight with Cameron and Carly, and I will be looking to do the same this time round. It’s no quick fix, but it works for me and allows me to eat enough to breastfeed alongside weight loss, which is really important to me. 

After having Carly I got back in shape and ran Race for Life showing off my ‘mum tum’

As baby is due mid October, I will push myself to start with but plan to go easy over Christmas, as I love the food at this time of year too much to be strict, and then go for it again in the new year, ready for wedding dress shopping in February/March time. 

I also can’t wait to get back into the gym (never thought I would hear myself say that!). I planned to keep active throughout this pregnancy but that kind of didn’t happen – I blame the summer holidays- and I barely do any exercise other than the walk into and out of work… 

I am excited to get back into Piyo classes, to get back onto the bikes in the gym, and to go swimming again. Exercise really helps with my depression, so not only is it going to help me get my body back in shape, it will also hopefully help combat postnatal depression, which can only be a good thing. 
Do you have any tips for getting back in shape post baby? 

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