Pregnancy – What’s the Rush to Give Birth? 

This post is totally unscheduled, totally unplanned. I’ve written it, in fact, just a few minutes before publishing it (which I don’t tend to do much anymore)…

This morning a Facebook page I am a member of set up for those due in October 2016 posted a photo saying they would be having a baby this month… I questioned it and had a sarcastic and patronising reply about some mums on the page having planned ceasareans or inductions in September… That’s fine, but the majority of those on a due in October page surely should be expecting to have their baby, in October, no? 

Reading further into comments on the post I came across people discussing natural ways to induce labour from 37 weeks (or just before in some cases). 

Now, being pregnant myself with my third baby, I totally get that by the later stages of pregnancy you are totally fed up and wanting the baby here in your arms, and yes, I am counting down to my full term date as well as my actual due date, but that’s more because I’ve had to go in with possible preterm labour and I’m looking forward to it being ‘safe’ for baby boy to come, not because at bang on 37 weeks I’ll be inhaling curries and reaching for the castor oil (which, FYI is incredibly dangerous, do not use it!). 

Of course I understand that some people have to have planned ceasareans and inductions for medical reasons, and that’s fine. However, I’ve just seen somebody comment that they’ll be pushing for an induction at 38 weeks as they can’t stand being pregnant much longer… This I’m not on board with. 

I had an induction with my first baby after my waters broke and I was informed it would be dangerous to wait for labour to start naturally due to the risk of infection once waters went. Induction is not fun. It hurts. More than natural labour (in my experience anyway having since had a natural labour). Why anyone would choose to have this rather than allowing nature to take its course I don’t know. 

Yes, pregnancy is long, tiring and frustrating, but it’s totally worth it in the end. I will be finding a new page/group to follow on Facebook with an admin who isn’t advocating getting baby out as soon as possible, and I’ll be looking forward to my October baby being born hopefully around the time he’s due, in October!! 

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