Monday Musings – Politics Isn’t my Forte 

So, as the title suggests, politics really isn’t my strong point, and I am not writing this post with any expertise involved whatsoever. 

I wasn’t sure whether to write about the political situation or avoid it like the plague but when my Monday musings post came up I thought, well what am I thinking about more than the events following Friday’s rather shock result of the EU referendum. 

I voted last Thursday. I didn’t make my voting preference public, nor will I now, although I’m sure you’ll draw your own conclusions as to which ‘side’ I was and indeed am on.. 
What I’ve been thinking about, more than the result itself, is how horrible the reaction to the news has been. 

People say that other countries are laughing at us and I don’t blame them. Ever since Friday morning the British public have been tearing each other apart, bickering like small children and often getting personal in order to drive their point home. 

I am a democratic person, I support both those who voted remain and leave, and I believe everyone has a right to an opinion and of course, that those who didn’t win should have the right to feel upset, scared and disappointed. 

What I don’t agree with, however, is people making sweeping statements about leave voters, calling them many a name under the sun including ignorant and racist simply because of a minority of those who voted leave’s actions and opinions. 

Calling for a second referendum is, in my opinion, the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and has earned the ridicule it has faced via social media with people calling for revotes on everything from battles to lottery results. 

Yes, it was a close call, yes, there were some parts of the Leave campaign which have turned out to not be quite the way they seemed, but we live in a society where we are given the privilege to vote and for that vote to be taken seriously. If we were to have a second referendum. What then? If remain won, would the leave supporters not have every right to then call for a third referendum? It would be never ending! 

I’m sure leave supporters would be calling for a recount if they were in the position the remain voters now find themselves in, but it cannot happen. 

Regardless of how we voted, we need to work together to build a better future for our country. At the moment we are just falling further apart. 

Is it really worth losing friends and even in some cases family members over this? Can’t we agree to do what Britain does best, keep calm and carry on? 

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