Benjamin at 8 Months 

The months are still flying by. I feel like an awful mum as I actually totally missed Benjamin turning 8 months on Sunday. In my defence, we had an absolutely amazing weekend and I spent Sunday being the ‘hostess with the mostess’ at our family barbecue. 

Better late than never, I did a little photo shoot in the garden with Benjamin’s milestone cards. He finally started sitting up unaided properly recently, and also got his first tooth, so it was a triple whammy on the card front this time… In fact, this month has seen him develop more than any other! 


Benjamin was only really rolling to move last month, with a little bit of backwards crawling, but over the last couple of weeks he has started front crawling in earnest. It’s more of a commando crawl, but he’s really fast at it now. 

As well as this, he seems intent on standing up and has even been attempting to walk. He cruises around furniture and will happily walk along just holding onto my fingers. His brother and sister started walking just after their first birthdays, but if he carries on the way he’s going he will be an early starter like his mum. 


Benjamin still loves meat more than any other food, though he also has a penchant for sweet things too. I try and limit the amount of sugar Benjamin eats, but I’m also not that strict if his siblings are having an ice cream and he wants a bit. 

I’ve noticed Benjamin has gotten lots better at eating lately. His pincer grip is brilliant and he will happily eat sweetcorn and peas along with the rest of his dinner now. I am so pleased we took the baby led weaning route, Benjamin is such a good eater and going for meals out is so much simpler as he will happily eat what we eat. 
Benjamin is still feeding from me. In this heat he’s been on me a lot feeding little and often. At the start of our breastfeeding journey I thought my goal of a year was fairly unattainable, but I’ve totally changed my mind. 

Feeding has become second nature to us now. The only thing that might affect it is teeth – Benjamin got his first one and it hurts so bad when he bites down on my finger so I can only assume how much it would hurt if he decided to bite my boob! 

Benjamin is still refusing to say mumma. I have given up hope! I know it takes babies longer to say mumma than dadda but when you’re at home all day every day with a baby and he just wants to say dadda it can get a little frustrating… 

Benjamin is still very vocal and he’s started copying what his brother and sister say, which is so cute! He seems to be saying brother to Cameron, which is really sweet (although it makes Carly jealous that he isn’t saying sister to her). 


Benjamin has carried on growing this month and is now firmly in 9-12 month clothes with a lot of his 6-9 months no longer fitting him. 

Unfortunately a lot of his clothes are getting dirty at mealtimes, despite me putting bibs on him, and I think I’m going to have to buy him some new holiday bits for when we head off to Santorini in a couple of months. 


I’ve mentioned it twice already in this post but I’m excited that Benjamin finally, finally has a tooth! After 5 months of teething, he has a teeny tiny toothy peg poking through. It may be small but it’s really sharp! I’ve already been bitten a couple of times and it blooming hurt. 

I don’t know if he will now start getting loads of teeth, or if we will have another 5 month wait for the next one.. time will tell! 


Benjamin is so cheeky these days! His grin is infectious and I still have strangers stopping to coo at him. Half the time they don’t even speak to me now, they just get down in front of Benjamin and tell him how cute he is. He’s going to get a big head! 

We hadn’t really given Benjamin very many toys until recently. He now has his very own laptop, building blocks and a ball pit. He loves the first two but really isn’t sure of the ball pit. When we took him to soft play he hated the ball pits there, so we are trying to ease him in currently! 

He’s really started growing up over the last month and he looks less like a baby now. I can imagine him as a toddler, he’s going to be totally cute but a bit of a handful I think! 

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3 thoughts on “Benjamin at 8 Months 

  1. Abbie - Lilypad & Bow

    Oh he’s gorgeous!! & has more hair than my nearly 18 month old! x


  2. Kelly-Anne | Mimi Rose and Me

    My little girl at this age wouldn’t touch meat. Actually she’s three on Sunday and still doesn’t really. A beautiful update!


  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    What a handsome chappy! So glad he’s doing well and well done on breastfeeding ox


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