Muay Thai Beginner Course Review 

Last year I tried out something a little different. I took a beginners course in Muay Thai with my sister. I was expecting to find it difficult but in fact, it was really fun and although challenging in places, we found this was good to keep us on our toes and it also really helped to keep us both in shape. Although it doesn’t look like it, boxing requires effort from your whole body so the results were brilliant and after a class we felt energised and toned. 

 My own personal results:    

With all forms of boxing becoming more popular recently, especially for women in their twenties, I thought I would share my experience. 

We went to the Minnesota Kali Group Uk for our training and undertook their beginners course, a thirteen week course costing £99, which included an optional grading at the end of the course. 

The classes are twice weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, and are mixed gender but not mixed ability, on the beginners course you are all at roughly the same level with classes tailored to teach you and encourage you to gain confidence at the same time. 

The friendly instructors have all been through the same experience themselves and are able to offer advice and tips along the way. Even as complete novices, we didn’t ever feel that we didn’t belong, we were always made to feel welcome. We enjoyed the class so much that we ended up getting our own gloves, although this is totally optional as there are plenty available to use on site. 

As well as the classes, you are really made to feel a part of the family at this gym and that includes invites to social occasions such as summer BBQs (watch out for the rain, this is still Britain) and Christmas parties. It’s definitely the most friendly gym I’ve ever been to. 

If you are interested in taking part on the same course we did, simply contact the gym on or 07842 270 820 to sign up. 

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