30 Before 30 

So, in just over a month I turn 27, which means I will be one step closer to the ever looming big 3.0… Although Ed is 9 years older than me, so is closer now to 40 than 30, I still feel reaching this milestone is going to panic me a little. 

I’ve managed to fit in a fair bit so far to a rather tempestuous life but I would like to tick a few more things off the old bucket list before May 2019 so I’m setting out 30 things I would like to achieve by this time below, in the hope that having it out there on the Internet may force me to keep at it. Some things are relatively small, some are a bit bigger. I’ve tried to be realistic as well as it is only a few years away now. 

1. Buy a house 

2. Get married in Santorini 

3. Travel to New York 

4. Have a proper family trip once a year 

5. Write a book 

6. Spend more time making memories with the children 

7. Be successful in my own business 

8. Make new friends & spend time working on existing friendships 

9. Be body confident 

10. Eat healthily 

11. Develop more photos and put them into actual albums, not just relying on Facebook ones 

12. Take my mum away 

13. Go on a girls holiday 

14. Fly in a hot air balloon

15. Take a new qualification 

16. Grow my hair long again 

17. Treat myself to something expensive 

18. Go to Ireland & Scotland 

19. Take up a new hobby 

20. Volunteer 

21. take a break from social media 

22. Become more confident 

23. Get the children a pet 

24. Go to Disneyland again 

25. Cook more/be more adventurous in the kitchen 

26. Be on tv again 

27. Watch another show on the west end 

28.  Learn another language 

29. Have a professional family photo shoot 

30. Be truly happy in myself

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