Pregnancy Diary – 36 Weeks 

So here I am, one week away from ‘term’, when it’s deemed safe for baby to arrive. After a few false alarms with awful braxton hicks, I’ve been worrying about baby coming too early but now, I’m worried for a whole other reason. 

Now I’m getting nervous for the birth. In a way I’m like ‘bring it on’ – I know labour and child birth hurts, but it’s a pain that brings you something amazing and I have been almost looking forward to it. Now it’s so close though, I think it’s begun to come back to me just how painful it is to push a baby out… 

Yesterday I had my final growth scan, where we saw that baby was growing nicely and is now estimated to be 6lb6oz, which would mean a birth weight of around 8.5lb if born at full term. 

Tomorrow I have my final consultant appointment, where I will hopefully be signed back over to midwife led care and given the go ahead for my home birth just in time for a visit from the homebirth team tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be dropping off the home birth box and going through aromatherapy they can offer during labour and birth. 

Following this, my midwife will be coming round for an in depth appointment to go over my birth plan with me. So it’s kinda all go tomorrow. I’ll also be able to make payment for my birth pool hire as soon as I have the go ahead for the home birth, so that’ll be delivered sometime next week and stay with us until baby is here or until 42 weeks (please, please don’t let me still be pregnant at 2 weeks overdue!). 

Cravings wise I haven’t wanted anything in particular but I’ve definitely noticed myself being hungrier (and greedier) lately. I’ve even had two dinners a couple of nights, oops! 

The damp towel/flannel thing still shows no signs of going away, I currently have a nice damp flannel by my bed and a towel in the bathroom that could definitely do with a wash… 

I’ve reached the point where everyone asks how long I have left, it’s like the only thing people can think of to say to me these days. I’ve started saying 4 weeks, but only a week until I’m at term (which is both scary and exciting).  

My baby shower is on Sunday and I’m so excited! It’s at a local hotel and we are having orange juice (and Prosecco for those allowed it), cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and blue sweets. I’m also making little favours for everyone and I’ve planned a couple of games. As well as getting prepared for the baby to arrive, it will be nice to see some friends I haven’t seen much recently. It should be a really nice afternoon. 

I’ve started drinking raspberry leaf tea, as of yesterday. There’s conflicting advice about when is best to start drinking it, some people say 32 weeks whereas some say 36. I’ve always started around 36 weeks. I’ve gone overdue both times but it isn’t meant to induce labour, just strengthen the uterus and make labour quicker and easier when it starts. I hate hot drinks so it’s never fun when I get to this stage, but I add in a few heaped spoonfuls of sugar and it’s just about bearable. 

I’ve booked a reflexology appointment for when I will be exactly 39 weeks, the day I finish work. I’m kind of hoping it might bring on contractions, as it did when I was pregnant with Carly, as it would be a pretty good time for the baby to arrive. And if it doesn’t happen, at least I’ll know there’s not long left to wait by that point, and it’s supposed to be very relaxing anyway. 
My next update will be at 38 weeks (if baby doesn’t decide to come before then) and I’ll be just a week away from finishing work! 

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