Monday Musings – My Facebook Mini-Break

A Facebook mini-break is nowhere near as exotic as it sounds. I’ve known for some time that I’ve become a little over dependant on social media, Facebook specifically. Being a blogger does mean you rely on social media more than some people but I felt my addiction had gotten a little unhealthy. 


When my phone battery malfunctioned and I had to get a new phone from the Apple Store I realised how bad things had become. I missed the idea of not having constant Facebook access more than the idea of having contact via phone and text to friends and family. Alongside this, I’ve become fed up with the little interaction I actually have with friends over the site. I seem to spend most my time online just scrolling and going onto groups to read people’s posts. 


The final straw came when I let something I saw posted online affect me way more than it should have done. I deactivated my account temporarily. 


This isn’t the first time I’ve come off the site, but I am aiming for the longest break I’ve had so far – a week- which isn’t very long but it is for me. I’ve already missed a pregnancy announcement, which I found out about via a watsapp group conversation, although I would have known about it by midweek when I meet up with my group of mummy friends. 

Having only been off the page for two days so far I don’t have much more of an observation to make, other than two things I’ve noticed so far 1 1) other people either haven’t noticed I’m not on Facebook or don’t care 2) I don’t use my iPhone as much when I’m not on Facebook. Coming off Facebook has meant I’ve been on Twitter more than I have been before, clearly trying to get my social media fix. 


Overall, though, I think my mini-break from Facebook will do me some good, and I hope to return to the site with a fresh perspective and the ability to quit the boredom scroll for good. 

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