Why Childrens’ Parties Suck 

As a parent, there are certain things you just aren’t meant to admit. You don’t tell anyone about the times you’ve bribed your children with chocolate just for an easy life. You don’t let on that behind closed doors your little angel runs riot. And you certainly don’t admit that you absolutely 100% hate certain aspects of being a parent. 

As an incredibly shy person, I find it totally nerve wracking taking the kids to birthday parties. Mostly I manage to avoid it. My mum has taken Cameron to the last couple. This time, however, I was free and wanted to spend some time with him. 

This is why I now find myself sat on a plastic cube, alongside all the other parents, in a soft play area with the sound of children laughing, shouting and occasionally screaming ringing in my ears. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy to see Cameron playing with his new school friends. It makes me proud that he doesn’t let his own shyness stop him from socialising. I just wish I had the confidence to take myself away from my phone and attempt to make conversation with some of the fellow mums and dads.. 

It doesn’t help being a fairly young mum as I constantly feel like I’m out of place, not helped by the fact that nearly everyone I meet says I’m too young to have two children. So here I am. Sat technically on my own whilst surrounded by people. The only saving grace is that I’m not the only one. I’ve spotted at least 4 other people sat on their phones. 

Hopefully at some point I will man up and start socialising at these events, but in the meantime I’m just thankful I have WordPress, Instagram and Facebook on my phone to keep me occupied. 

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