My Med-Lean Food Plan 

Yes, I know I’m joining the hoards of people entering the near year embarking on a healthy eating plan. And yes I know most fail miserably and end up consoling themselves with a multipack of dairy milks and a big bag of Doritos… 

I tend to steer clear of diets, especially those that offer a quick fix. However, I was intrigued by a free gift of an a-z of diets with a fitness magazine. Having read the book cover to cover and learnt a lot about several of the main diets out there, I decided I would settle on a mix of the clean and lean diet and the Mediterranean diet. 
 Both of these plans are focused on changing your eating habits long term rather than getting quick results. They are also closest to the food I enjoy the most anyway. My main downfall has always been late night treats and glasses of wine midweek. Food wise I am generally pretty healthy with plenty of vegetables, fruit and lean protein with my main source of carbs being wholegrain bread and sweet potatoes.

My other stumbling block is portion control. I tend to cook too much and use large plates to serve the food on, which masks how big the portion is. My aim is to get back on track with my healthy eating, whilst updating my breakfast, lunch and dinners to include some of the suggestions from the clean and lean and Mediterranean diets. By doing this, cutting out my after work treats, and getting back in the gym this week, I hope to kick start my new healthier approach to life. 

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