Quality Time with My Kids

After a long, stressful December at work where I didn’t spend anywhere near as much time with the kids as I wanted to, I resolved to make it my number one priority to spend more quality time with them in 2016. 

I know it’s only a few days into the new year but so far I am managing to prioritise my time off work to create lasting memories with the children. 

I took Carly swimming at the weekend where she decided she loved it so much she wanted me to let her go so she could swim alone… Which would have been fine apart from she cannot swim and thus would have drowned. It was amazing to see how happy she was in the pool, although getting her to leave at the end was not so much fun when she screamed the changing rooms down because she wanted ‘the pool, the pool, the pool’… 

Yesterday, Cameron had an inset day at school and I had a rare day off. Taking advantage of an opportunity for mum and son time, I decided not to keep Carly off nursery and instead spent some quality one on one time with Cameron. 

We aimed to go bowling, then realised it didn’t open until the afternoon so instead we went to the cinema to see The Good Dinosaur, which was actually pretty good. It even made me cry (just a little, it’s mum hormones, that’s actually a real thing). We also shared a large hotdog and it was so yummy (yes, the clean lean med diet started off brilliantly)! 

After some shopping and a catch up with a friend, we picked Carly and Ed up and headed over to the bowling alley where Ed beat us all (but I came a close-ish second). It was lovely to spend some time with both the kids individually and together over the past few days. I won’t get this time back so these moments need to be cherished. 



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