My Tattoos and the Meanings Behind Them

It sometimes surprises people when I tell them I have 8 tattoos. They aren’t all that obvious and some are covered up most of the time. I got my first tattoo when I was 20 and have sort of got a little addicted ever since. I do make sure that every tattoo I have has a meaning behind it, and I think out the design, position and meaning for awhile before having the tattoo done.


1. Live Without Regrets

This was my first tattoo and the main reasoning behind having this first was that if I did happen to regret my decision, it would at least be ironic. I have made several decisions in my life that maybe weren’t the best ones but I try and live by this and think that all the wrong choices eventually led me to where I am now, which is happy

2. Wish Upon a Star

Having had my first tattoo on my foot, reportedly one of the most painful places to have one done, I decided I may as well match up my other foot with another tattoo. I had recently given birth to Cameron at this point and decided I wanted a tattoo for him. I don’t like the idea of names for tattoos so I went with this phrase, which I saw in one of the baby books. The star is for Cameron, and I’ve since had another one added for Carly

3. Believe

This is on my left wrist and is for my grandad. I miss him very much but feel he is still watching over me. The feather has always been a symbol of loved ones who are no longer with us in my family

4. Love

Somewhat morbidly, some may say, I asked my nan to choose a word and symbol to have on my opposite wrist as she is still alive and I wanted both grandparents to be commemorated. She chose love and a rose. I’m quite proud to have got her to choose one as she is totally anti tattoos

5. Never Give Up

I had this tattoo done just after I split up from my husband. Some people thought it was a bit strange as I had ‘given up’ on the marriage, but it wasn’t actually anything to do with that. It is more to do with not giving up on your own life and dreams and happiness. Having had depression for most of my life I think it is important to always look ahead and to change and adapt where necessary, hence the butterfly

6. 3 hearts

This tattoo was a little more of a whim. I had been talking about getting a tattoo with two uni friends since we had been at uni together and finally we decided on the spur of the moment to have them done over summer. The three hearts represent three friends. Although one of my less thought out tattoos I like that this is a link to our friendship, which although spread out over the country, is still strong

7. Heart Anchor

I actually had this done on the same sitting as the hearts as I had wanted it but didn’t want to pay the minimum fee for such a small piece of work. This represents my family and Ed who ground me when I’m lost in my depression

8. P.S

This is my most recent tattoo and something I had been planning for a couple of years with my sister. We went in to book the tattoos finally a few weeks ago and the guy had some space that morning so we ended up having them done there and then. My sister’s is on her neck but mine is on my side because of work

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