Wedding Wednesday -Forget Me Not Theme

Our wedding in Santorini still feels a bit like a far off dream at the moment, largely due to this baby needing to be born before I can really get into the planning. One thing we have organised is the wedding theme.

As a wedding coordinator, I feel that having a wedding theme or colour scheme is a good idea. It really helps bring everything together and can make decisions more straightforward.

Our wedding theme started off as just a colour – pale blue and then ended up as ‘forget me not’, a mixture of the iconic flower (symbolising those who cannot be with us and the desire to live in the moment), the soft blue hue of the flower and creams, pinks and just a touch of corals to compliment the vivid blues and whites of Santorini’s backdrop.

To kick start my new wedding blog post feature I thought I would show you my inspiration (so basically my Pinterest board). Enjoy!



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