My Kids

So, as I may have mentioned, I have two young children. They are sometimes challenging, and working 40 hours a week alongside raising them is at times a mission, but I would not change either of them for the world. I thought it might be a good idea to introduce them as I will mention them a lot.



Cameron has just turned five and is a totally individual little character. He loves all things Doctor Who, with some Minions thrown in for good measure. He missed going to school last year by 13 days, damn my pregnancy dragging on back in 2010. Now he is there, he is loving it and has made a couple of close friends already.



Carly is going to be three in November and is such a madam, she takes after her mummy! If Carly doesn’t want to do something she will not do it. She has reached the terrible twos late but is currently making up for lost time… Carly goes to nursery whilst I am at work and she is apparently in charge there as much as she is at home. Nobody can stay mad at her for long though as she has such a cute face!

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