Foodie Friday – My Top 5 Snack Foods 

Ok so I have a teeny tiny confession to make. I love a good snack.
In fact snacking is one of my worst traits and the reason why I’m probably resembling a whale more than a glowing earth mother during this pregnancy. 

I have very little self control and it only takes Ed to mention the word snack and I’m craving sugary or salty goodness on my tastebuds…

These are my current top 5 go to snacks of choice *disclaimer, you WILL be reaching for the snack cupboard after reading this post #sorrynotsorry 

1. Nachos 

2. Chocolate Spread with Strawberries 

3. White Magnum 

4. Sensations – Lime & Coriander Flavour

5. Thorntons Brownie Bites 

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