Eden, Bournemouth 

After saying I don’t do review posts it turns out, I lied. Eden is a bar in central Bournemouth, a little tucked away on the slope between the square and triangle (people who aren’t local to Bournemouth are going to be like you what now?!).  

Ed and I discovered this bar at some point and it has since become our favourite place to go for a drink. It’s not a club, so it’s not too loud or young for us but it’s also not so sophisticated that we can’t let our hair down. It’s just the right level of quirky as well (the served by till gives nicknames such as bearded and well groomed to the bar staff). The prices are reasonable as well, especially when you are there for a cheeky Sunday drink and cocktails are on happy hour 2 for 1. 

We chose Eden to host our engagement drinks as it’s become ‘our’ place. Ed is on first name terms with the bar staff which I think he secretly loves, and we go in there so much that he now has his ‘usual’. 

 It’s the perfect place to relax after a long week at work, especially as Ed and I both work so close by. We tend to go in for a drink to unwind on a Friday afternoon to kick start the weekend, but occasionally we will venture there for further drinks. Their cocktails are yummy, especially the Cosmopolitan. 


Although fairly small in size, they do have a lower ground where they have live music performances from time to time as well, and the booths are lovely to relax in with friends. They even have charging and usb sockets so you don’t have to sacrifice your selfies. My sister and I also love that they provide warm blankets for you to snuggle under when it gets cold. 

We love that the bar is never too busy but I’m sure when the new Hilton opens opposite that will change. For now we are enjoying our secret paradise. 

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