Jesus Christ Superstar Comes to Bournemouth Pavilion

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Thanks to some last minute ticket availability from Bournemouth Bloggers, Wednesday night I was lucky enough to watch Jesus Christ Super Star at Bournemouth Pavillion.


Bournemouth and Boscombe Light Opera are Bournemouth’s biggest amateur musical company and on opening night they pulled off a fantastic performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice production that originally hit the stage in the 1970s.


The play is technically a rock opera, in that rock n’ roll music is used to tell a theatrical story, roughly based on the gospel and written from the perspective of Judas one of the 12 apostles.


The show takes you on the journey of the last 7 days of Jesus Christ’s life, a story of love, friendship and betrayal.



Music has the power to transport you back in time, some of the songs in this production did just that, I remembered lyrics from songs I hadn’t heard for probably 20 years.


Obviously there was the “Superstar” anthem itself and well-known songs including “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”, “Everything’s Alright” both beautifully portrayed by Kirstie Rogers who played Mary Magdalene the lead female role.
Matthew Traher playing a more human version of Jesus demonstrated a fantastic vocal range, especially during his stunning performance of ‘Gethsemane’.


Charles Michael Duke deserves huge recognition for his role as Judas Iscariot, I recently read about his battle with Cystic Fibrosis and subsequent double lung transplant last year. It is so hard to believe how he has recovered in order to play such a demanding role. Please check out his story on YouTube and consider organ donation. #DonateMate.



The styling of the set was simple but effective and costumes had been well thought out to portray the characters, I particularly enjoyed flamboyant King Herod’s costume and judging by the audience reaction I wasn’t alone.


A very talented support cast along with the leads make it hard to believe that this show is an amateur production, I urge you to buy a ticket to experience the talent of Bournemouth and Boscombe Light Opera Company for yourself.


Jesus Christ Superstar is on at the Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 27th July. You can buy tickets here.


Tickets were gifted from BH Live, however all words are Rachael’s own. 

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