Foodie Friday – Focus on Prezzo 

As a mum I’m always on the lookout for a restaurant that will accommodate my slightly wayward children when we go for a family meal. The children are typical kids who get bored fairly easily and are also fussy with what they eat. Recently we went to Prezzo for a meal with my dad and found it worked well for us so we returned during our recent night away in Christchurch. 

One of the things I like the most is that the children’s menu doubles up as a place mat and activity pad. It has colouring and puzzles to keep little minds occupied during the wait for food. 

The menu itself is not only reasonable but also doesn’t fall back on the usual kids menu of chicken nuggets and chips. There’s a smaller children’s menu which has a basic choice of pizza or pasta with garlic bread to start and ice cream or a banana to finish. The older children’s menu has a little more choice, but as both of my children are not huge eaters, the smaller menu works well for us and is priced at under £4, bargain! 

A huge plus is that for us, as a couple, we don’t feel we are in a ‘family’ restaurant – the menu for adults is varied and interesting with some delicious dishes, and the ambiance maintains and adult sophistication whilst still being family friendly. 

There’s often vouchers and discount codes available online for Prezzo as well, so if you’re a little *ahem* short on cash, as we often are at the moment, it’s worth a quick google. For our most recent meal we got 40% off main courses, which meant a less scary looking bill at the end of the night (despite us opting for 3 courses). 

Have you been to Prezzo? What do you think? Do you have any other family friendly restaurant recommendations? 

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