Foodie Friday – A Visit to Baffi Pizza with Bournemouth Bloggers

A few weeks ago I took over the day to day running of my local blogging network – Bournemouth Bloggers. So far I am really enjoying it and have arranged a Christmas meet-up, which is next Tuesday, where I will have the chance to discuss plans for the group going into 2018.

Part of running the network involves arranging review visits with local restaurants and when I saw that a new branch of local eatery Baffi Pizza had recently opened, I contacted the lovely director Harriet.

After chatting over email, she very kindly invited some of us down to review their menu and to have a look around the new restaurant.

I headed over for the review on Wednesday night. The Old Town branch is situated on Poole high street, at the very far end, near to the Quay and just down from the Scaplens Court museum. It’s a bit hidden away, but I was able to find it fairly easily.

The weather on the night was awful, rain pouring down and strong winds almost blowing me over on the way into the restaurant, but inside I was met with a warm welcome and the cosiest pizzeria I have been in.

It has to be said the low lighting wasn’t brilliant for us bloggers, but it definitely gave to the inviting and friendly atmosphere.

Taking our places at the table, we were instantly joined by our waiter who couldn’t be more accommodating – he even suggested we order the carafe of wine rather than individual glasses as it worked out cheaper. I love it when a restaurant isn’t all about the profit and show they care about their customers – more need to take heed.

Once we had all arrived and were comfortable our waiter came back over to ask which starters we would like. We were due to have a selection of four to share amongst us and we were unsure of which ones to go for.

Our waiter suggested we go for the heritage tomatoes and mozzarella with basil, olive oil and aged balsamic, and the wood fired prawns cooked in chilli, garlic and olive oil, with the spicy pork & fennel meatballs, tomato sauce, parmesan and basil (served with wood fired bread), as well as the antipasti board with a range of cured meats and served with pecorino (a hard cheese), olives and artichokes. We were more than happy to go with his suggestions and the starters came out quickly.

We tucked into them eagerly – the meatballs in particular were delicious, and the platter of meats was a very generous portion (suggested for 2 people to share). I’m not a big fan of prawns so I didn’t try these, but Ciara said they were brilliant.

Next we had the chance to sample seven of Baffi’s pizzas. Six of these were from their main menu and one was their daily special, the Bolognese, which I am incredibly happy to hear is going to be made a permanent feature on the menu as it was my favourite!

Whilst our pizzas were being created, we got the chance to explore the restaurant a little. The staff were all totally relaxed about us taking photos and the chefs even posed for us with one of the pizzas!

I loved how chilled out the atmosphere was, and I was pleased to hear that the chain are totally family friendly, with the ingredients in the pizzas being fresh and as nutritious as possible, something I love as a mum of three.

When our pizzas arrived we all got stuck in, and before long I started to get full but the pizzas were so nice I kept going. My favourite, as I said, was the Bolognese special, with the spicy pork & fennel meatballs being a close second.

I also liked the Nduja with peppers – it was so fresh and tasty. I’m not a mushroom fan, but the portobello mushrooms pizza with prosciutto cotto, provolone, truffle oil, mozzarella, parmesan and basil looked so nice, and the rest of the girls demolished it.

Although the Nutella pizza for dessert sounded absolutely incredible (its topped with vanilla mascarpone, hazelnuts and strawberries), we were all in agreement that we couldn’t eat another bite. We even had to have some of the leftover pizza boxed up as we were just too full (but it was too yummy to leave behind).

Baffi’s pizzas are different to others I’ve tried as they are loaded with sauce and toppings, making them very messy to pick up but so full of flavour. I loved how you could really taste the ingredients on each pizza, and it was obvious a lot of care had been put into the menu selection.

The Poole Old Town branch is a little far out for me, but there are plenty across Bournemouth and Poole, and I’ll definitely be visiting our nearest in Westbourne.

I love that Baffi also offer takeaway, for those nights when you would rather enjoy your pizza in your pjs (the restaurant are laid back, but maybe not that laid back).

Baffi don’t over a delivery service, as their pizzas don’t travel well with services like Deliveroo, but I would say they are more than worth the trip to collect!

I really enjoyed our visit to Baffi Poole Old Town, and I would recommend a visit if you’re down by the Quay. A bit of a hidden gem!

Our starters and pizzas were provided complimentary for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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