5 Things to Do This Weekend to Make You Excited for Christmas

So, we’re halfway through December already. If you’re anything like me, you peaked a little early with the Christmas preparations and your Christmas cheer is a little lacking…

Here are 5 things to do this weekend to give your Christmas spirit it’s second wind!

Go for Festive Drinks

Ok, so festive drinks are pretty much the same as non-festive drinks if you aren’t a mulled wine fan like myself, but there is something more special about going out and meeting up for a drink with friends at this time of year.

Everywhere is decorated by this time, and people just seem to be friendlier as Christmas approaches.

If you have a Christmas market near you then head there for your drinks to really soak up the festive atmosphere. If not, don your Christmas jumper and fake it until you make it!

Get Your Bake On

Again, there’s something that little bit better about baking at this time of year.

I’m a total cheat when it comes to Christmas baking and I tend to use the ready made packets to save time and drama (I am not a happy bunny when things go wrong).

This year I plan to make my trusty Yule Log Cupcakes, based on a creation Tesco dreamt up a few years ago which I became obsessed with, and the amazing Nutella Christmas tree shared on social media last year (look it up, it’s incredible and so easy to make).

Get yourself in the kitchen, bake up a batch of something yummy and then enjoy in front of a Christmas film – calories don’t count at Christmas

Festive Filmathon

Grab as many Christmas films as you own, and if you don’t own enough go buy some more (or just watch them on TV if you fancy saving some money), and watch them back to back.

Make sure you set yourself in for the long run with plenty of snacks (see point 2) and soak up the Christmas cheer!

Treat Yourself to a Hot Chocolate

I’m going to make a groundbreaking confession. I don’t like Hot Chocolate. I mean, I would, if hot chocolate was actually just that – chocolate that was hot… but it’s not, it’s some milky concoction pretending to be that and it just isn’t nice.

Having said that, I know lots of people love a nice hot chocolate and what’s more Christmassy than a giant warm beverage on a cold day, preferably served in one of those disposable cups that have a festive pattern on, or a giant mug topped off with mini marshmallows.

Write Your Christmas Cards Out

Ok, I’m not judging here, but I may have been one of those eager beavers this year whose lucky recipients received their Christmas cards from me way back on 1st December… hashtag sorry not sorry… (hey, I’m not judging you so don’t you judge me)…

If you weren’t *ahem* quite as prepared as me, know that the last date for 2nd class mail to be sent to guarantee delivery before Christmas is next Wednesday 20th (and let’s face it, nobody can afford a pack of first class stamps these days).

Now would be a brilliant time to sit down with a pen and stack Christmas cards and get them written and sent off once and for all.

Do you have any other ways to get yourself in a festive mood? Do you have any nice Christmassy plans for this weekend?

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13 thoughts on “5 Things to Do This Weekend to Make You Excited for Christmas

  1. Chloe Dickenson

    This is such a lovely and incredibly festive post! I love going out for festive drinks as well as staying in and enjoying a delicious hot chocolate! There’s nothing better than watching lots of Christmas films too! xx


  2. heather

    Visiting christmas markets and baking gingerbread helps me get into the festive mood x



  3. Alice

    Me and my other half had a date night in and made a massive hot chocolate this week and it made us feel super festive 🙂 almost all my presents are wrapped now and the decor in the house is up so I’m feeling super Christmassy!
    Alice Xx


    1. emma_lou

      It’s so close now! x


  4. heather

    Its almost Christmas Day and I still haven’t baked anything! x



    1. emma_lou

      Do it! Do it now! 😊 x


  5. Prettiful Blog

    These a great Ways to get into the Christmas spirit! Also just getting out and feeling the vibe helps too!


  6. Charlotte Lane

    I did a little bit of festive baking this month and I loved it – I baked gingerbread and salted caramel cookies and they were delicious xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk


    1. emma_lou

      Mmmm!! I read your post earlier I think – they sound so yummy! X


  7. Lady Writes

    Some great ideas here! I always find doing Christmas Crafts with the kids gets me festive – and wrapping pressies! x


  8. Emma

    Yes to Hot chocolate! I always feel festive when I’m wrapping presents listening to christmas songs!! xx


  9. shelley

    I do love a good Christmas film marathon!


  10. Tania

    Such great ideas! I’ve just discovered the ‘Christmas’ section on Netflix, so am planning on watching one film a day from there until Christmas! Xx

    Tania | http://whentaniatalks.com


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