Foodie Friday – Christmas Baking with Carly 

So one of the things on my festive bucket list this year was to do some Christmas baking. This week, Carly and I got our (metaphorical) aprons on and created some simple but delicious festive treats. 

As I am obsessed with Yule Log Cupcakes (which are not yet back in shops *cries*) I knew I wanted to have a go at making them. I originally planned on making from scratch (I did get an A* in food technology for GCSE after all…) but then I figured it would be tricky enough baking with a newborn, without the added stress, so I cheated and went for a shop bought kit (and picked up the Igloo cake kit at the same time for good measure)…  

Here’s what you need to make these Christmassy creations yourself!  
Yule Log Cupcakes

You will Need: 

-Tesco Chocolate Cupcake Kit 

-Dr Oetker Easy Fill Rich Chocolate 

-Cadbury Flakes 

-One Medium egg 

-70g Butter 


Follow the instructions on the cupcake kit. When cooked and cooled but still warm, use the easily fill nozzle to add a chocolate sauce filling to your cakes. Add the frosting and chocolate curls (included in the kit) and then cut a flake into three and add one to each cupcake. Et voila – your very own Yule Log Cupcakes. Delicious! 

Igloo Cake 

You will need: 

-Tesco Igloo Cake Kit 

– One egg 

-50g butter 


– Vegetable Oil 

This kit is so simple but makes an absolutely delicious vanilla cake. I’ve never personally cooked a cake in a microwave before so was a little wary but actually you wouldn’t be able to tell and so quick and easy! Definitely worth doing when you have children and/or babies around. 

If you would like a laugh, head over to my vlogmas to see Carly and I baking! 

Do you have any other (easy) festive baking recipes for us to try? 

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