What’s in my Sanctuary Advent Calendar? #1

So if you’ve been following my vlogmas videos over on YouTube you’ll have seen me showing off what I’ve got from my Sanctuary Advent Calendar each day. In case not, this is what the first seven windows had for me: 

Day 1 – Ultimate Salt Scrub 

Day 2 – White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion 

Day 3 – Tea Light 

Day 4 – Moisture Burst Facial Wash 

Day 5 – Stationery Clip

Day 6 – Intensive Heel Balm 

Day 7 – White Lily &a Damask Rose Body Wash 

I absolutely love the calendar, and getting a little treat every morning, so much so that I actually didn’t even bother getting myself a chocolate calendar in addition to it as I originally planned. 

I know that the calendar is sold out this year, but if you are already looking ahead to next year and which calendar to go for, I would highly recommend Sanctuary. The products are varied, generous and so far I’ve loved all of them! My favourite so far has to be the facial wash, which left my face feeling so clean and fresh, and the salt scrub which was a luxurious treat in the bath. 

I can’t wait to open the rest of the windows to see what other goodies I have to come and I’ll definitely be buying some of the regular sized products once I’ve used these up! 

Do you have the Sanctuary calendar? What do you think of the products so far? 

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    Great blog post! If you haven’t already checked out mine do you think you could? Thanks so much!! Xx


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