Mummy Mondays- What I Miss about Being Pregnant

I’m the first to admit that I hate pregnancy. I’ve been through it three times now and I just can’t enjoy it, no matter how much I try. That’s not to say I’m not majorly grateful to be able to have carried all three of my children to term and given birth to them, I am really lucky, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy the pregnancy.

Saying that, the fact that I am almost definitely finished having children now coupled with the fact that my sister in law is going to be giving birth in a few weeks time, has left me reminiscing about my pregnancies and what I will miss about being pregnant.

1. Being Spoilt
To be fair, Ed is really good at spoiling me most of the time, but he really upped the ante when I was carrying Benjamin. Anything I wanted I would have it. I only had to mention something and he would go get it for me. Nothing was too much trouble and I truly felt pampered throughout most of my pregnancy.

2. Eating What I Wanted

I am paying for this now as I am struggling to lose the baby weight, but it was nice to be able to relax my eating habits and have what I wanted without thinking about my figure. If I only wanted chocolate or curry I wouldn’t beat myself up.
3. Friendly Strangers

In actual fact, strangers continue to be friendly as I now have a cute little baby in tow, but you definitely notice people’s kindness levels increase when you’re pregnant. I had people in shops chat away to me and people on the street would smile at my ever growing bump.

4. Feeling Movements
This is something indescribable, being able to feel your baby move inside you and knowing you are never alone throughout pregnancy, even when things get tough. Sometimes I would lie in bed and just put my hand over my tummy and feel Benjamin moving around in there
5. Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy drags, or at least it always has done for me, but the milestones you reach throughout are pretty incredible. I loved seeing my babies for the first time at scans, feeling their first movements, finding out the sex of each baby and getting to that all important 37 weeks when they could come at any time

6. Baby Showers

Ok so some people don’t agree with baby showers, some think it’s a heavily Americanised activity and not something we should be taking part in here in the UK but I disagree. My baby showers kept me going throughout very long months and I loved each and every one of them (for each child, I didn’t have multiple parties for any of them).

It’s lovely to be able to spend time with your female friends and family and be truly pampered and showered with gifts and attention. The odd cupcake and pin the dummy on the baby game don’t go amiss either!

7. Labour 

No, I’ve not lost my mind. I actually looked forward to my labours with Carly and Benjamin as I kind of knew what to expect (even though no two labours are identical). I felt a lot of remorse after I had Benjamin as I had planned a home birth but ended up having to be induced and I had him strapped to the bed unable to move.

Although my labour was (thankfully) very quick, it was an awful experience and I am really sad that I didn’t get to embrace the pain. It all went by in a flash and I am sad I might never get to experience a water or home birth now.

8. Being Selfish

This wasn’t too easy second and third time round, it was more a first time pregnancy thing, but generally you are allowed and encouraged to be a bit selfish during pregnancy. You are meant to look after yourself in order to look after baby and that means taking lots of naps, eating when and what you want and resting whenever you can. All that goes out the window when you have baby and they become number one.

Are you currently pregnant? What are you enjoying about pregnancy? 

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