Furry Friends Watches – Give the Gift of Time this Christmas!

My children are at an age where they want whatever the other has. This means that for Christmas this year they are getting the same or very similar presents to avoid arguments.

They also both love being like us at the moment and have asked Santa for Henry and Hetty Hoover toys because they want to hoover (I kid you not)!

Their latest obsession is telling the time (hey, I’m not complaining, like the hoovering, this is a good thing), and they both fight over one of my old watches.

When I saw the Furry Friends watches in their bright and bold colours specifically made for children I knew the kids would love them.

The Furry Time website explains that

On a warm sunny day in July 2016, the Furry Friends monsters took to their spaceship and left their much loved home, planet Wackadoo. Their destination was planet Earth… these fun loving monsters were brought to Earth for the enjoyment of all children, making everyday Children’s products much more bright and exciting”. 

The watches are available in several colours, each with a different character – Blinky, Chomp, Ditzy, Kooky, Spike and Zany.

As anticipated, when the watches came through the post the children were over the moon with their new time telling devices. I was happy that the watches come in a range of colours as it means the children won’t mix theirs up and argue over whose is whose. Cameron went for the orange one (Spike) and Carly chose pink (Blinky).

As a parent I was impressed with the watches as they were sized accurately for delicate little wrists and so didn’t feel like they would slip off at any moment. They are also water resistant to 1ATM (basically splash proof) which is brilliant with young children likely to forget they are wearing the watch when washing hands.

Since putting their watches on, the children haven’t stopped commenting on them. They both agreed their favourite thing is the funny little monster faces.

Cameron is at an age where he can really start learning to tell the time and he is excited to try and work it out and check with us if he’s got it right. Carly just loves being ‘grown up’ and wearing a watch like adults do.

The watches seem really durable and the plastic is strong and hardwearing (an absolute must with my kids as they are rather heavy handed with their possessions). The watch strap is made of a very flexible softer plastic, which means that the kids find them comfortable to wear and are unlikely to take them off or loosen them and end up losing them.

I would recommend them to parents with children who are learning to tell the time, or who like my kids just want to be like us adults (someone needs to tell them it’s not all it’s cracked up to be).

The watches are available in a range of colours from the website and are priced at £12.99 with Free delivery, although Furry Time are offering my readers a special limited time offer – get your watch for just £8.99 by entering code: monster1 when you checkout – perfect as a little extra gift or as stocking fillers! Also make sure you take a look at their Facebook page to keep up with their most current news and offers!

(Offer ends: 18th December. UK only. Whilst stocks last)  

Furry Time sent us these watches for the purpose of review, however all views are my own (and of course the kids’) 

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11 thoughts on “Furry Friends Watches – Give the Gift of Time this Christmas!

  1. Emily

    Love this, they’re so cute! Noah got his first watch just like this earlier in the year and like Carly absolutely loved feeling like a grown up haha.

    Emily // http://www.babiesandbeauty.com


  2. secret life of silbo parry

    These are the type of presents my husband would have more fun than the kids!!


  3. Emily and Indiana

    My two are exactly the same, always wanting what the other has! These are lovely, definitely have to keep these in mind for when they start to learn the time x


  4. thimbleandtwig

    Cute watches! I think (if they’d actually thought of it) mine would love a hoover too!


  5. thesmallestofthings2016

    These look cool! I can imagine my eldest is going to want whatever her sister has got this year too 🙂 ox

    Amy | http://www.thesmallestofthings.com


  6. Rachel

    These are so sweet. What a lovely idea.


  7. Lindsey

    These are the cutest and great for learning too.



  8. Debbie

    Aww I love how Carly likes hers so she feels grown up. It’s great that they’re splashproof so they can wear them most of the time.

    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk


  9. Lucie from LucieLovesit.com

    haha this is great! It’s lovely they have a great bond and she’s wanting to wear a watch too! I can remember wanting what my brother had when I was younger 🙂

    So glad they like the watches! xx


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