My  Top 5 Can’t be Without Gadgets 

I am a self confessed iPhone addict. I won’t even pretend to hide it. I spend most of my waking life within touching distance of my phone. I have a minor panic attack when I can’t find it (and yes, while we’re at it, I am one of those people who will be talking to you over the phone and burst out with”I can’t find my phone”- cringe!). My phone isn’t the only gadgety thing that I love. I am a bit of an impulsive person and often find myself lusting after the latest invention. Here are my top 5, those gadgety things I can’t be without.

1. My iPhone

As I mentioned, I love my phone. Sometimes it’s a little like there’s 3 people in my relationship. I try really hard not to rely on it so much but it’s difficult, especially when I use it for so many things- blogging, social media, keeping up to date with plans involving the kids over phone and text, checking my emails, taking photos, having a read of other people’s blogs when I have a rare five minutes spare and listening to music at the gym. I don’t know how we managed before smart phones.

2. My Fit Bit Flex

I got this for myself with Christmas money around this time last year and I was guilt for neglecting it for a good few months at the end of the year when it ran out of battery and I lost the charger (and to be honest, didn’t make much of an effort to find it). I started using it again recently and it’s great for keeping track of how many steps I’ve taken as well as calories burnt and how well I’ve slept (in my case, awfully, especially when Carly decides she doesn’t want to stay in her own bed). This little gadget is worth investing in. Ed had the slightly higher up model, the Flex HR, which also tracks your heartrate. In my opinion it’s not worth the extra money and the flex is a pretty good value investment.

3. My DSLR

I am finally getting back to using my camera rather than resorting to using my iPhone camera for everything. I love how the pictures look from my camera and I will be using it for my blog in the coming weeks.

4. My iPad Mini

Yes, I am a total Apple whore, and I’m not even sorry. I got this a few years ago now and although it was originally for me, I found I didn’t have much use for it with an iPhone as well. Instead, this is irreplaceable for keeping the kids entertained on long journeys or when they really, really need to keep quiet (like waiting for a delayed flight at the airport). Yes, I know some people will disagree with my children using gadgets but actually, a fair few apps are quite educational these days, plus they can watch films on it.

5. My Salad Box

Little bit different, this one, and still not entirely sure if it’s technically counted as a gadget but it’s revolutionised my lunchtimes, as sad as that may be… This little baby is compact and enables me to enjoy fresh, crunchy salad at work. I especially love the tiny dressing pot, which I am filling with Balsamic vinegar to go with my tuna, sweetcorn, red onion and tomato salad – yum!

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