My Monthly Plans – May 

I’m writing this from my bed, where I’m recovering from my absolutely amazing but totally tiring hen weekend (I do also have a small self inflicted hangover, which is stopping me from getting up and enjoying the bank holiday Monday rain). 

April, like most months this year, flew by, and my birthday month has come round quicker than ever. I’m really excited for this month as it begins with my birthday and ends with our holiday to Spain – eek! 

2nd – My Birthday 

Did I mention it’s my birthday tomorrow? I generally manage to spread my birthday out over several days. This year I had my hen celebrations just before so I’m not doing too much for my actual birthday. Ed has taken the day off work and once Cameron’s dropped at school we are taking the younger two to Southampton for a day of birthday clothes shopping followed by a family meal at Prezzo in the evening. 

3rd – Tattoo

Im having my 9th tattoo and although I know it doesn’t hurt that much, I’m still really nervous now it’s getting closer. 

6th – Family Birthday Party/Reunion

My uncle and his family have come all the way over from Canada and we are having a joint birthday celebration at the weekend for me, my uncle and my cousin. I’m really looking forward to seeing them, and celebrating with family. 

8th – Press Event 

I’ve been invited to a local press launch and I’m looking forward to catching up with Kirsty (Kirsty Dee) and my friend Christina and seeing the new venue. 

13th – 14th – Catch Up with Friends 

Despite usually being the most unsociable people ever, Ed and I may well have several plans this weekend so it’ll be a busy one! 

20-21st – Girls Weekend

My two uni friends and I have been trying to arrange a meet up since we last met up a year ago and we have finally booked for this weekend. I’m looking forward to some catch ups, wine, a girly sleepover and exploring a new place with them. 

27th – Holiday to Spain! 

My mum, nan and I are taking the three kids to Spain and I cannot wait! It’s the first time we’ve been abroad since France in 2015 (when the Paris attack happened) so it’s going to be nice to get away and have a bit of sun, sea and sand. It’s also going to be a practise run for the Santorini trip in a few months time in terms of heat for Benjamin. 

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