My Monthly Plans – August 

It’s August, which means that I can finally say that next month I’m getting married!! After a jam packed, totally hectic July, I’ve tried to make sure august is a bit more chilled out for me. Most of the wedding plans are all done now, so it’s just a case of trying to relax and enjoy the summer before we fly out, eek! 

3rd – Dentist Checkup
Totally boring, but one of those necessary little things. I hate the dentist, but I try and suck it up so that the kids don’t follow in my footsteps 

7th-9th – Isle of Wight 
I’m so looking forward to a few days away with my mum and the three kids to the Isle of Wight. If you haven’t been before, I would definitely recommend it – totally takes me back to my childhood, and the children love it too! 
10th – Benjamin’s 10 Month Checkup 
I’m so proud of Benjamin and all he’s achieved already. I’m looking forward to discussing his development with the health visitor on this home visit. 
11th – Final Wedding Dress Fitting 

Argh! I’m hoping I haven’t suddenly gained the weight I’ve lost back again by this point! *must put down the dairy milk Oreo chocolate bar* 

23rd – School Shoe Shopping 

We need to go and get the children school shoes. Always a fun task! 
24th – Wedding Beauty Treatments 

It’s a bit far in advance and I’m hoping my nails don’t look awful by the wedding, but my favourite beautician only works certain days, so I’m slotting my beauty treatments all in on this one evening. 

25th – Hair Appointment 
The following day it’s time for my hair. I’m having a full head of highlights, plus a cut (nothing drastic, I just want that swishy new hair feeling you get when you have your hair trimmed) 

28th – Stay at Gatwick 

After the bank holiday weekend, we travel over to Gatwick to stay the night there before our early morning flight the next day. Quite a few of us are staying there so it will be nice to have a chill in the bar, try and stream the Game of Thrones finale and get excited for our holiday! 
29th – Fly to Santorini!! 

I am so excited to be flying out to Santorini. Not only do we get to get married out there, it’s also going to be lovely to have a trip away somewhere nice and sunny with all our closest friends and family. I can’t wait! 

I’m hoping to slot in some lovely girls nights and a date night for Ed and I as well at some point, most probably in the third week when we don’t have much on. I think this month is going to fly by just like July with the wedding to look forward to! 

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    eek such an exciting month ♥


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