Why Being Ill as an Adult Sucks 

In case you didn’t guess by the title, I’m currently feeling ‘a little under the weather’. It’s a heavy head cold but I legitimately feel like I’m dying. Can you die from a cold? 

When Ed got this bug at the weekend I will be honest, I made fun of him and chalked it up to man flu when he said he felt he was dying. Now I understand. 

The thing is, being poorly when you are young is not exactly fun, but at least it means time off school, watching films and tv during the day and being fed chicken soup by your ever doting mum. 

When you’re an adult all it means is having to try and take care of yourself when you feel too weak to move. And yes, you get time of work when you’re ill, but it doesn’t feel great because you’re constantly thinking about how much money you’re losing by not working. 

Being a mum yourself and being ill is even less fun because you don’t feel you can care for your children that well and don’t even want to get too close to them in case you infect them too. To be fair, as always, my mum has been really helpful, she had Cameron stay over last night and may be able to pick the kids up this afternoon as well. 

I just sometimes wish I could go back to a time when a spoonful of calpol could solve all of my problems…

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