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You may have just stumbled across my blog for the first time, you may have been reading every post since I began. Either way, you might not know some things about me that kind of, sort of, make me… me. I thought I’d let you into a few of these things in a lovely little ‘getting to know me’ post.   
1)I was born in Gravesend in Kent and didn’t move to Dorset until I was 8 years old. However, I now consider this my home and would never go back to living in Kent. It’s beautiful here.

2)I had my first child when I was just twenty one years old, just a week before I returned to university for my final year. Although he wasn’t ‘planned’, I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I’m very proud of how I managed to juggle everything and still graduate. 
3)I have suffered with depression since I was 12 years old, that’s over half my life. It’s part of who I am now but I would still get rid of it in an instant if I could. 
4)I have two brothers and a sister. I consider my sister to be my best friend. 

5)I’ve been married before. The wedding day was 14th February 2014, and our marriage lasted around 8 months. It was tough to end it but ultimately it was the best thing for everyone, especially the children who had been living in an unhappy home.
6)I used to model and loved it. It was mainly photographic but I also did wedding modelling at wedding fair fashion shows, which was a lot of fun. 
7)I work in events and love planning. My favourite part is weddings. I even refer to wedding magazines as ‘wedding porn’ as I’m so obsessed. 

8)I gave myself an intolerance to caffeine when I was younger by drinking too many energy drinks. If I have caffeine now my lips can turn blue and my hands and feet go numb and tingly. 

9) I don’t like hot drinks (no, not even hot chocolate) and don’t overly like soft drinks either. I either have water or alcohol. There generally is no in between 

10) This is my second blog. My first was From FallenAngel to Yummy Mummy, which I started in 2010 just after Cameron was born, and I’ve also blogged for More Magazine and The Singles Warehouse dating website in the past 

11) I wrote my first story when I was fourteen. My biggest dream is to have a book of mine published. I love reading and writing. 

12) I once danced next to Keira knightly in a members bar in London. I also embarrassed myself in front of her quite a bit. Still my biggest claim to fame though… 

13) I’ve been on TV before – for a show called ‘We’re Having a Baby’. It was self shot footage and followed my pregnancy with Carly

14) If I didn’t work in events, I would work in the beauty industry. I’ve almost trained twice. 

15) Cameron chose Carly’s name. I was struggling to decide on a name I liked so asked my then two year old son what to call the baby. His first suggestion was car but when he added a leeeeee to the end, well, the rest is history. I love that he picked her name and I think he will be proud when he’s older and can properly understand 

16)Despite being super organised for work and most areas of my life, I cannot keep my handbag organised. Without fail it becomes a mess of receipts, letters, pens and general rubbish within a month of having a clear out 

17)I am obsessed with food. My favourite is Mexican or Indian but I’m also a little in love with pizza and pasta as well. I could quite happily sit and eat all day long 

18)I’m getting married on 2nd September next year in Santorini and I cannot wait. It’s going to be beautiful. 

That’s about it for now but if you want to hear more of my weird and wonderful life, make sure you follow the blog! 

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