My Mother’s Day 

Sunday was lovely. I was given breakfast in bed along with a bunch of flowers and handwritten cards from the children and my favourite Green & Blacks chocolate as well as a princess cupcake. 

 After a long lie in we got up and went out for lunch with my family to the Riviera hotel in Alum Chine. We’ve been there for Mother’s Day in the past and always found it to be nice.

It was a lovely lunch on the whole. I really enjoyed spending time with the family and celebrating with my mum and other females in the family too. The food was alright. I didn’t particularly like the soup but I ate some of what the kids had instead – garlic bread, yummy. The beef in the main was a little on the bloody side for me, I didn’t really understand why they didn’t ask how you liked it cooked if they were going to go rare, but oh well. I didn’t have a dessert but everyone said they were nice. 

 A pianist was playing during the meal and he even asked our table for song requests as we were right next to him, which was a nice touch. The mums also got a potted plant to take home, which was appreciated. 


 After the meal we went back to my mum’s and I ended up having a two hour nap, which was much needed. The evening finished off watching a horror film with some snacks – perfect. 


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