Soap & Glory Lipstick Review – The Missing Pink 

So as you may remember from my previous lipstick review, I tend to play it safe a little when choosing lipsticks. However, after the success of Perfect Day, I decided to trust in the brand to find a new everyday lip colour and came across The Missing Pink. 


This is the perfect shade of pink. Not too subtle but not too bright and in your face either. It looks lovely on its own or alternatively, as I prefer, with a slick of gloss over the top to finish it off. 


The creamy texture of these lipsticks is what keeps me coming back to them. I also love the elegant packaging and both shades seem to be lasting fairly well despite regular use as well. 

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2 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Lipstick Review – The Missing Pink 

  1. pinkgirlgreyworld

    Wow great review lipstick sounds awesome I always hear people rave about soap and glory products! New follower 🙂


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