Beauty – Products I’ll Always Repurchase 

As you may have noticed, I love buying new beauty products from time to time. Whilst I’m still not yet down to my goal weight, beauty products are my go to treat and I love to try new things and find new favourites. However, there are some products I will always repurchase, no matter how many pretty new alternatives there are out there. 

Garnier Micellar Water 

I was a convert the moment I discovered this miracle makeup removing water and I’ve never looked back. It’s so easy to use with just a pad (must be double sided I’ve found or you need around 5!). I need to stock up on more travel sized ones though as currently I have to lug around my huge value size one when I go anywhere for a few days! 

Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer 

I’ve dabbled with other concealers (I even tried out the uber expensive uber waste of money touché eclat) but I’ve always come back to this relatively cheap and cheerful concealer. It can hide my dark eye circles better than any others I’ve tried, and it lasts a month or two, so it’s a go to staple.

Maybelleine Dream Mousse Blusher 

I discovered this a few years ago and I absolutely love how easy it is to use. I’ve tried other blushers and often feel like I’ve overdone it, that it’s come out an odd colour or that it ends up breaking after a night out. This cream version lasts for ages as you only need the tiniest amount, and it can be blended really easily with your fingertips to give a natural flush of colour. I tend to wear it day and night but add highlighter for the evening. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask 

Granted, I’ve not sampled a lot of sheet masks, but this is definitely my favourite. It’s nice and cheap (usually ‘on offer’ at 99p in Boots), and it’s simple and quick to use for a huge moisture boost. 

Next Shimmer Spray 

I technically can’t repurchase this, but I wanted to include it as I will be heartbroken when it runs out. I’ve had it for a few years now, after receiving it as part of a Christmas Gift set. I have tried to locate it again in Next but it is no longer sold. There was a similar version in a Gift set over Christmas but I didn’t really want to buy an entire gift set just for the one thing, and they wouldn’t sell it on its own *sad face*. This pretty subtle spray makes me a sparklier version of myself when going out, and although I’m sure it’s a placebo effect, I always feel so much more ready to take on the world with it on… 

Tangle Teezer 

I will never go back to a ‘normal’ hairbrush after using this. Not only does it work well on my hair, it is also the only brush Carly will let me use on her bedhead curls! I love it and mine is still going strong years after purchasing it! 

St Moriz Fake Tan 

This has been a firm favourite since I was at university, strapped for cash but needing to get my bronze on. I heard that this brand had only one ingredient different from the much more expensive St Tropez, and I am so glad I tried it. Yes, I might go overboard sometimes and look a little too bronzed for spring in the UK, and yes, sometimes I do smell strongly of digestive biscuits… but generally this tan is brilliant. It’s budget friendly, quick and simple to use, and I wouldn’t bother with another now. 

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8 thoughts on “Beauty – Products I’ll Always Repurchase 

  1. itsgeorgiaxoxo

    The Garnier Micellar Water is one of my favourites as well! I recently came across it and it has changed my life!

    Georgia X


  2. Debbie - Hello Deborah

    I’ve never tried a sheet mask before so will definitely give this one a go at that price! I usually go for the Simple micellar water but this one looks just as good. I use small cheap pads and go through so many!


  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    I’m still yet to try micellar water despite always saying I will. That moisture bomb sounds amazing as I have such dry skin. My tangle teezer got stolen by my 3 yo but its the only thing that tames her mane haha ox


  4. thatmummyblog

    I keep meaning to get a tangle teaser, we don’t brush our hair often so when we do we need a really sturdy brush!


  5. Living Life Our Way

    I love my tangle teaser! So much better than a normal hairbrush 🙂 Katie x


  6. mandy

    Tangle teaser is one of my favourite since 2012 – I find it pulls out less hair than my normal hair brush and works amazing!


  7. Babies and Beauty

    YES! I’ve never looked back since purchasing the micellar water last year, and the Garnier moisture bomb masks are fantastic, you need not bother trying to sample more sheet masks as you’ve found the best straight away.


  8. Lyndsay-Rose

    Can’t be without garnier micellar water!
    Recently got a large bottle for the price of the smallest one.


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