Date Night Carpet Picnic

As it’s nearing the end of the month and money is fairly tight so near to Christmas, instead of going out for our date night we decided to stay in and have a carpet picnic in front of a film. 

We loaded up on snacks from Waitrose, which is just next door to Ed’s flat but then made a dash to Asda as, like a pregnant woman, I decided I simply HAD to have Lime infused Sensations. 

With our snacks and some yummy Sauvignon at the ready, we settled down to watch Ex-Machina under the covers on the lounge floor. Dessert consisted of the extremely yummy Butterscotch Green & Blacks ice cream. 

After the film finished we watched Fifty Shades of Grey, which Ed absolutely hated. He spent most of the time moaning about how awful it was. So we finished off the evening with an episode of The Walking Dead, which we are onto the second series of (I know, I know, how behind are we?!). 

It was a lovely evening as we got to spend some quality time together and as we hadn’t gone out anywhere it was all snug and warm whilst the temperature outside dropped to near freezing. Next Saturday is Ed’s gym’s Christmas party so it was nice to have one final date night before the chaos of Christmas ensues. 
P.S. I prepared for our date night making an extra effort and using one of the new body smoothie sachets from face mask brand Montagne Jeunesse. They are amazing and made my skin feel so smooth and soft and Ed commented when he came in how nice I smelt. Definitely one to try! 


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