Banana Wharf – Poole 

Yes, this is indeed another review post. I thought it only fair to mention this restaurant as it is a go to for our family ever since my cousin and his girlfriend worked there and I was introduced to their simply amazing fajitas. This is the place where Ed’s proposal treasure hunt culminated and he got down on one knee so it holds an extra special place in my heart now. 


 I love that the menu has something for everyone with a mix of different cuisines without being a food  station style affair. Little extra touches make your visit extra special such as the little pot of strawberries I was presented with on our last visit to accompany my glass of Prosecco. 

My absolute favourite part of this restaurant, apart from their amazing steak and chicken fajitas which I think I may have already mentioned, is their Crepes which are made fresh in an open kitchen. The chocolate one is so yummy, I often try and make Ed go there just for dessert when we go to other local restaurants (he doesn’t let me, spoilsport). 

 The prices aren’t low but they aren’t absolutely out of budget either, and you can get a loyalty card which allows you to gain points on your visits to get money off future bills. 

The location has to be mentioned as well, right on the Quay front in Poole with brilliant views across to Brownsea Island. As it is also situated just below where my nan lives, for us it’s the perfect place to go for family occasions. I would definitely recommend a visit. 

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