Pampering Treat 

As Carly’s birthday treat last weekend didn’t exactly go to plan and I only saw her for a few hours on her actual birthday, when I had some time alone with her yesterday I decided to treat us both and we went and had our nails done at a local salon. 

I know this isn’t something everyone will agree with but it’s not hurting anyone and Carly absolutely loved it so it doesn’t bother me that some people will judge. Carly, despite my best efforts, chose for her nails to be orange (well Coral technically but meh still, orange). 

The beautician was amazing with her and she felt very grown up sitting at her own little table having her nails painted. Afterwards she was patient whilst I had mine shellaced, reading her new mr man story collection book and charming all the beauticians with her little remarks. 

 I wouldn’t make it a regular occurrence but it was lovely to spend some quality mummy and Carly time together. 

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