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So yesterday, after a yummy Sunday roast cooked by my mum, my sister and I dragged ourselves off the sofa and into our exercise gear only to arrive at the gym to find out we had the class time wrong and we had missed it. 

After getting round to finally booking our gym induction for the following Sunday, we went back to my mum’s and decided to turn to YouTube for our workout. We found a PiYo tutorial which was fairly good but a little short and then we came across the Pump it Up exercise dvd in full. 

We didn’t quite make it through the whole workout as it was nearly an hour and a half long but we did get a fair way through it. I actually own this dvd, having bought it back when I was a teen and thought I was huge (haha, teen me you should see me now!). 

The workout is amazing and the perfect bodies of the instructors, although some may find annoying, my sister and I found motivational. We will definitely be using the workout if we find ourselves unable to attend a gym class again, and I may start using it as part of my weekly sessions to try and tone up for Christmas party season, aka, from next weekend, eek! 

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