Bournemouth Christmas Market 

So, Christmas isn’t officially in town until the Christmas market comes along. Thankfully, it’s now here and making Bournemouth town centre look all festive for shopping trips. 

Although I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, I’m never one to turn down a trip into town so when my mum said she needed some bits, Cameron and I went along. In the end I actually bought a dress for a Christmas party I’m attending in a few weeks time, so it was worth the trip. 

Whilst in town we couldn’t not have a look around the festive decorations. I love Christmas, you may have realised by now, and I therefore love the Christmas market. I can’t wait to go for a ‘festive’ drink in the Moose bar or to try ice skating in the outdoor rink, despite the fact that even when I worked in an ice rink as a teen I never worked out how to skate away from the sides… 

Cameron had a lovely time on the carousel, I need to go back with Carly (who was with her dad when we went) as she loves them. 

 It’s made me excited for Winter Wonderland as well, which Ed and I are going to mid-December. Cannot wait- Christmas overload! 


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