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Yes, I realise Benjamin is only just over a month old and thus he doesn’t really understand the concept of Christmas just yet. However, as I have the older two children, I don’t like to not have any presents for Benjamin to ‘open’ on Christmas morning. I’ve gone for a mixture of age appropriate toys, clothing and books for Benjamin’s first Christmas.

Miffy Little Star Rattle Bean Toy £9.95 Amazon 


I love how cute this little toy is. The powder blue colour is so sweet and perfectly matches Benjamin’s car seat blanket. It’s also incredibly soft, I found myself stroking it when we got it and *almost* kept it for myself…. Bonus is that this cute little toy is not only sweet and cuddly, it also rattles, which catches Benjamin’s attention.

Interactive Zebra Toy £10 Marks and Spencer’s 

Marks and Spencer’s

Babies can only see in black and white to start with so toys like this which feature monochrome are brilliant for stimulating the baby’s brain. Plus this toy has so many different things to keep Benjamin occupied.

Giraffe Squeaker Stick £6 Marks and Spencer’s 

Marks and Spencer’s

I came across this whilst shopping and couldn’t resist picking it up for Benjamin’s stocking. This giraffe is super cute, soft and cuddly and makes a little squeaking sound which I know Benjamin will love but Ed will most likely hate (sorry Ed!)

Sassy Ring O Links £4.95 John Lewis 

John Lewis

These are brilliant for occupying little hands. It clips neatly onto a car seat or pram and will be something to play with in the months to come.

Peter Rabbit Bath Book £5.95 John Lewis 

John Lewis


I love that this book can go in the bath! Benjamin luckily loves bath time but if ever that changes, I know it would keep him happy to be read to. I love anything Peter Rabbit themed (mainly because Benjamin has the same name as one of the bunnies!) so this is great!

Baby Einstein Rhythm Of The Reef Prop Pillow £15.99 Mothercare 


I have a similar one of these from when Cameron was a newborn and plan to get Benjamin on it soon. These are great for tummy time and have different textures and colours to entertain little ones.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether £12.99 Mothercare 


I need to get one of these teethers! I’ve never used one before but everyone raves about them. Although Benjamin isn’t teething just yet, this will be a lifesaver once he starts. Bonus points that it doubles up as a cute little toy too!

Lamaze Gardenbug Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Set £15 Jojo Maman Bebe 

Jojo Maman Bebe

Friends actually gave us this set when Benjamin was born. He hasn’t really been old enough to appreciate them just yet but as he starts to become more aware of his hands and feet he will love these. I love how bright and colourful they are too!

Babymoov Star Night Light Projector £20 Jojo Maman Bebe 

Jojo Maman Bebe

This is another gift we got when Benjamin was born but would be lovely as a gift this Christmas. I love the little tunes this night light plays and it was a lifesaver from the beginning when I have been up doing the night feeds and haven’t wanted the lamp on but needed some light. This gives off a soft glow and is colour changing whilst also projecting pretty patterns onto the ceiling.

ELC Blossom Farm Pete Pony Sit me up Cosy £40 Mothercare 


This is hands down our favourite baby item. Benjamin has had it since birth and he loves it, almost as much as we do! It’s brilliant at this stage for him to lie in whilst I tidy up around him, cook dinner or simply dry my hair. It can be moved between rooms and is comfy enough for him to be settled and happy without needing to be constantly held. The best part is that it adapts with your baby as they grow and can be positioned differently as your baby’s needs change.

Some products have been gifted but all opinions are my own

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    My niece has Sophie the giraffe and loves her ♥


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