Mummy Mondays – Family Time at Oasis Fun Bournemouth 

Yesterday, on a cold Sunday afternoon, Ed and I decided to take the children to Oasis Fun, the new leisure complex in Bournemouth. The children were excited, and I was looking forward to being able to sit down, after one too many Proseccos at a Christmas party the night before. 

Oasis Fun is situated in the centre of town, just up from the main shops on Glenfern Road. The complex is heavily Americanised complete with American style diner, bar and a dessert station. 

Oasis Fun comprises of three main attractions – a Ten Pin Bowling alley, a crazy 18 hole golf course and soft play area. There’s also an amusement arcade where you can win tickets which can be redeemed for prizes (the children loved this!). 

We opted for the soft play as the kids needed to let off some steam. The soft play area is to the right hand side as you enter and is larger than I expected from the outside of the building. The children ran straight in and started exploring. Within minutes they were back with Cameron exclaiming that he ‘loves this place’, then they were back inside running around and playing in the ball pit (Carly’s favourite part). Even Ed got involved, crawling along on his belly chasing after the children, at their request (though I don’t think he needed much persuading)! 

Inside the soft play, along with the ball pit, are several tunnel slides, large Swiss balls to bounce on (or in some cases, throw around) and plenty of the usual obstacle course paraphernalia you would expect to see at soft play. At one end there are also soft foam animals and building blocks. 

The area is beach themed, with beach hut decor, walls painted with the sea and, for parents, a refreshment ‘hut’ serving tea, coffee, soft drinks and hot and cold snacks (including spaghetti bolognese and pizza, both of which looked incredibly yummy). 

There are deck chairs and small tables along one side, with more seating by the refreshment hut and comfy sofas at either end, so plenty of places for parents to sit down, enjoy their food and drink and still keep an eye on their minions. There are two unisex toilets in the soft play area, both equipped with baby change facilities. 

Sessions are a couple of hours, which gave the children plenty of time to run around and wear themselves out in time for my mum’s Sunday roast. 

Although we didn’t explore the mini golf or bowling, from what I saw, they both look brilliant. The bowling alley is fairly small so it might be worth calling in advance to check availability. The crazy golf course looked really fun, with an excellent jungle theme to it (although the main reason we didn’t go around it was that Carly was a little scared of it as it was a little dark, so bear this in mind if you have an equally nervous little one in tow). 

Price wise, you’re looking at around £5 per child per activity. Adults are free for the soft play but are charged for golf and bowling. There are package options for parties at the complex which are fairly good value, and children would love. 

On a Sunday afternoon it was fairly busy, but not unbearably so. There was at least one party in process, but the staff coped well and I didn’t feel service lacked anything or was slow because of this. 

Overall we really enjoyed our time at Oasis Fun and I would highly recommend for other parents in the area. I will most likely come back with Carly in the week when I’m thinking of things to keep her occupied whilst she’s not at nursery and I know Cameron will want to come back to play crazy golf sometime. 

For further information you can visit Oasis Fun’s website here. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter
The lovely people at Oasis Fun allowed the children free entry to the soft play for purpose of this review, however, all views and opinions are my own 

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