December Plans 

So it’s that time of the month again and that means I am looking ahead to the plans for next month and what a jam packed month it is… 

Forever Gorgeous Advent Open Evening – 30th November 

Ok, I know, technically it’s not December but it’s one day out so I’m keeping it in. I have been looking forward to this for the past few weeks. I love beauty treatments, I love Christmas and I definitely love Prosecco so I’m excited for Monday evening when all three are combined in one lovely little end to the working day. Plus it’s payday so I will be able to treat myself and book a couple of treatments for the new year! 

Christmas Decorating – Sunday 6th December 

So as it would appear that we will not be moving before Christmas now, as work is taking up all of my time and leaving no time to hunt for houses, I will be going all out to make my current house totally festive. The tree will be going up, the Christmas cards will be written out and there may even be tinsel involved (and the Christmas CD, definitely!) 

Sprinkles Meet Up- Wednesday 9th December 

When I was pregnant with Carly I met some lovely women at an antenatal class and we have been friends ever since. We used to meet up all the time but life and jobs got in the way and we don’t see each other as often as I would like. I am so excited for this meet up as it is the last one before Christmas plus sprinkles is like dessert heaven with the biggest puddings and the widest selection of ice cream flavours. 

Christmas Party- Friday 11th December 

This is something I am totally looking forward to as I am a sucker for a traditional Christmas party night! There will be yummy food, lots of alcohol and lots of dancing involved. So excited! 

London, baby! – Saturday 12-Sunday 13th December 

Ed and I are going to stay in London for the night, go to a restaurant, soak up the Christmas atmosphere and then ramp that up a gear on the Sunday when we go to Winter Wonderland to drink in the cosy bars, go on rides and eat lots of chocolate based snacks. I cannot wait! We went last year with the kids but this year we decided to go and do the more adult things the attraction has to offer. 

Eyebrow Thread – Monday 14th December 

Ok so not exactly something people would be excited for but it’s the first step for me getting Christmas ready beauty wise so it is on the list! 

Office Christmas Meal- Wednesday 16th December 

This is going to be at a Thai restaurant. It will be nice to spend some time with the team outside of work as it has been a very stressful few weeks for us.

Father Christmas & Circus – Sunday 20th December 

Ok, I am super excited for this! I will be taking the kids to see Santa and there is also breakfast included and a trip to the festive circus too! Could this get any more Christmassy? 

Private Star Wars Viewing – Tuesday 22nd December 

Ed’s friend has arranged for a private studio viewing of the new film. Now I am not that excited for this but it will something different. 

Peter Pan – Wednesday 23rd December 

I don’t usually go to the pantomime but this year I decided I wanted to ramp up the Christmas anticipation with a trip to see this one just two days prior to Christmas itself. The kids are going to love it too. 

Christmas Eve drink – Thursday 24th December 

I am working Christmas Eve, I know, it sucks, but I will be going for a festive drink in the German bar after my shift before going home to give the kids their Christmas Eve present of new pjs and a book. Then it’s almost Christmas itself! 

Christmas!! – Friday 25th December 

The day itself!!! 

New Year’s Eve – Thursday 31st December 

Yeah I skipped a week, not much will happen between Christmas and new year for me as I will be working. On New Year’s Eve I will be going to a charity party at a local hotel and this year I will stay conscious for midnight! 

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